Why Education?

It’s 2020, yet there are still millions of kids living in places around the world without access to an education. The education crisis traps youth in a cycle of poverty and prevents them from reaching their Dreams.

The Problem

Over 258 million youth around the world lack access to an education.

Education changes everything.

Imagine if everyone in the world reached their fullest potential. We believe this would result in more fulfilled individuals that enjoy a better quality of life. Education can make this Dream a reality.

Currently, the education crisis limits our youth to their circumstances and prevents them from achieving their Dreams. Instead of attending school, children in developing nations spend their time working in harsh conditions, taking care of younger siblings, or are placed in dangerous situations.

When children are not afforded the resources they need to be successful, they are unable to meet their fullest potential. A quality education provides the foundation for an individual to build a better life for themselves and their community.

By investing in education, we are empowering our youth to become well rounded leaders that bring the Dreams of our global community to life and enact positive change.

What education can bring

What you can do to help

Start a Campaign

Begin your own fundraising efforts with a personalized campaign.

Pledge Your Birthday

Use your birthday to gift education to children around the world.

Host an Event

Bring your community together through inspiring experiences.

Involve Your School

Regardless of age, all students have the power to make a difference.

Education is the most underfunded philanthropic area.

There is no global fund for education like there is for AIDS, poverty, and other philanthropic efforts. Until now. We’ve established the first global fund for education to bring opportunity and unleash human potential in children across the globe.

Global Education Fund 

Global Education Fund 

Global Education Fund 

Global Education Fund 

Global Education Fund 

Global Education Fund