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Our team loves traveling to share inspiring stories that move us. We feel it’s important to highlight an issue that impacts countless lives and explore how we can create a brighter tomorrow.

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Seeing is believing. It’s hard to imagine that a population nearly a third of the size of Europe doesn’t have access to an education; it was hard for us to grasp at first, too. Request a speaker for your school, church, or event so we can share the journey along our global movement to end the education crisis.

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We love engaging with scholars of all ages. Students are the biggest Dreamers out there, and we hope to inspire them to use their voices for good.

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Through an engaging keynote, we’ll share moving stories from the field that showcase the importance of ethical leadership across organizations.


By making audiences aware of the global education crisis, we are one step closer to ensuring that education is recognized as a human right.

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To request a speaker, complete the form below. Please note that we may not be able to accommodate all requests we receive. We aim to respond in four to six weeks after we receive your inquiry. Dream on!

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Because I work with high-need students through AVID, a national college readiness program for first generation college students, I am always seeking inspirational community members to share their story & motivate our students to be their best. When I heard about Ryan, an alumni of our high school, I instantly knew that our students would greatly benefit from seeing such success from someone who looked like them & came from our community.

Jess White9-12 Grade Educator

What an inspiring organization created by young leaders that are bringing about positive change not only in our local community, but across the globe. They give me hope for not only my future, but my children's. I think I'm not alone when I say that we all Dream: Success!

Will Parker6-8 Grade Educator

Joyce was such a pleasure to have speaking to our youth group. To be quite frank, it was awe-inspiring to hear Dream: Success' story and how much passion is behind all of the work they do. I still can't believe that young children founded this organization. Let that serve as a testament to the positive impact people from all ages and walks of life can have on others.

Kim JohnsonElevate Church