Brand Partnerships

We work with amazing brands to create strategic partnerships that bring education to children around the globe. These collaborations nurture a lifelong passion for continuous achievement in every child.

Unleashing human potential, together.

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Join The Spiral

We rely on the generosity of private foundations and companies to support our 100% promise. When you join The Spiral, you cover expenses such as staff salaries and other operating costs, enabling 100% of public contributions to directly fund education projects around the globe.

Untap Opportunity

Through branded campaigns and other fundraising strategies, organizations can fund education projects directly. After a project is completed, we will provide you with a completion report showcasing the collective impact you’ve made in bridging the education gap.

Let's join forces for the greater good.

Our Partners

They inspire us, they support us, and they’re passionate about education. They’re the heroes that believe in us and the our cause.  These organizations are current partners that empower our youth and drive meaningful change.